Private classes:

It is about a personalized class in which work a teacher for each student. If the student is a novice , the teacher begins teaching the basic techniques of the dance and depending on the level of receiving and the number of classes the student want to take they follow a learning program of the dance.

In the case, the student already know how to dance they make a test to qualified the student and know the difficulties of each dance. Based on the test the teachers make recommendations for the student to improve they level and up to this the teacher begins to work with the student.


Group classes:

They consider a group with more than five student for each class and always with the same this casethey will work with a teacher or a couple of main teachers if it is necessary and an assistant teacher for each student.

There is no a minimum of hours, you can work for an hour, but we recommend you a minimum of two hours for each class, for the learning would be better.

Special offer

It is about a personalized group of dancing in which work a teacher for each student. It is a two hour classes for five days ( totally 10 hours) and you can begin the course any day of the week.

You can choice just one dance or make a combination of them. We recommend you to make the combination join with the teacher.

  • A week course with two hours daily and private classes 130 CUC .  See details



Choreographic montage for all levels with Professor Yanai.

You can choose the music and genre of the choreography or make a combination of several of them. This assessment is recommended to be done jointly with the teacher.

  • The price is per person 1 hour -> 30 CUC, 2 hours -> 50 CUC
  • Each additional hour has a cost of 25 CUC